• Semiconductor metrology infrastructure development is critical for achieving profitable future products, and such development requires availability of high performance IP-neutral calibration artifacts, and simulation software of key metrology techniques for deeper understanding of measurement physics for optimizing metrology performance.

  • AMAG nanofoundry marries the advanced new comprehensive AMAG7 metrology reticle with key process steps from foundries to build a growing library of versatile metrology-centric calibration wafers patterned in contemporary critical process levels, providing the industry a modern off-shelf IP-neutral solution for such metrology work, with full collaboration possible with any other metrology type.

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  • AMAG SimuSEM simulates scanning electron microscope (SEM) images and electron interactions with solids. SimuSEM provides a performant and rigorous SEM simulation with a powerful and fully-featured GUI.

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Calibration Wafers/Chips

The AMAG7 reticle is a comprehensive new advanced metrology patterning reticle and reference pattern collection, derived from SEMATECH AMAG’s AMAG4/5/6 and modernized to today’s metrology and processing community’s needs. AMAG7 makes available short-loop wafers with the comprehensive AMAG7 patterned into various modern process levels at a contemporary foundry to make available leading-edge, mission-critical yet IP-neutral calibration samples/artifacts for metrology or processing R&D needs.