Collection: SimuSEM Software


AMAG SimuSEM simulates scanning electron microscope (SEM) images and electron interactions with solids. SimuSEM provides a performant and rigorous SEM simulation with a powerful and fully-featured GUI.

Key SimuSEM simulation features:

  • Simulations run in the background, with results displayed in SimuSEM's GUI for analysis and detailed viewing.
  • Large selection of useful geometric primitive shapes and Boolean operators to intuitively build and visualize complex 3D samples on simulation workbench.
  • Discretely-defined height map objects for rough features, surfaces and edges.
  • A growing database of material physical models validated to experimental results from the literature, with a path to adding more and validating models to experimental SE yield curves.
  • Adjustable beam energies, beam spot sizes and tilt beam, user-defined discrete detectors with tunable energy windows, and other SEM variants.
  • Results images for SE, BSE or user-defined energy windows, viewable top-down and in 3D.
  • Energy, angle & detector hit histograms/maps, and energy absorption maps.
  • Fully viewable electron trajectories in 2D & 3D.

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