About Us

AMAG nanometro provides products and services to the semiconductor metrology sector:

  • AMAG wafer nanofoundry provides an off-shelf source of critical path test wafers/artifacts.
  • AMAG SimuSEM is a software solution for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) simulation and electron beam interactions with solids.
  • AMAG offers consulting services to the metrology sector.

AMAG nanometro, based in Schenectady, New York, USA, was established in 2019 by Benjamin Bunday. The company's original name was AMAG Consulting, LLC (old website: https://www.amag-consultingllc.com which links back to this website) before rebranding in 2022.

For 15 years, Benjamin was the project manager of SEMATECH AMAG (Advanced Metrology Advisory Group) which provided important metrology sector resources to the tool vendor and user community. After SEMATECH ceased operations in most technical areas in 2015, including metrology, industry voices called for re-establishing a source for critical metrology infrastructure that SEMATECH AMAG had provided. AMAG nanometro leverages valuable assets from those earlier efforts to continue to enable metrology sector progress.

Benjamin Bunday

Benjamin Bunday, President, Founder & CEO, is a semiconductor metrology sector authority and enabler, and engineering consultant through his own company, AMAG nanometro. Ben has over 25 years of experience in semiconductor metrology, including fifteen years leading SEMATECH’s CD, defect and films metrology specification-definition, benchmarking, evaluation, development, roadmapping and guidance efforts, including leading SEMATECH’s well-known Advanced Metrology Advisory Group (AMAG), and is actively involved with the metrology chapter of the IRDS. Ben received his BS in Engineering Physics from The University of Tulsa, and his MS/ABD in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University. He is a member the programming committee of SPIE’s Metrology conference and author or coauthor of over 145 papers. At SEMATECH AMAG, Ben also led the efforts for AMAG test wafers, metrology Unified Specifications, and in specifying and validating NIST’s JMONSEL. Ben began his industry experience at Rockwell Semiconductor (now Tower/Jazz), then built and managed AMAG through his central role at SEMATECH for 15 years, then also GLOBALFOUNDRIES and aBeam Technologies, giving him a thorough long-term exposure to metrology’s practices and needs around the industry.

Ben's published papers and articles.

Yvette Ball

Yvette Ball is Wafer Product Manager
and Software Test Engineer. She holds a BS in Biochemistry from California State University in Long Beach, CA and has over 30 years of experience in semiconductor process engineering, and in etch and photolithography. With 23 years emphasis in CD Metrology as main CD-SEM process metrologist, Yvette was module owner for the primary CD-SEM systems and metrology practices at Rockwell/Conexant, and also Group Leader of Etch Engineering and at Tower/Jazz in Newport Beach, CA. Yvette managed and developed metrology best practices, calibration wafers and CD-SEM BKMs for their fab's development and production processes, in a full-service production foundry environment.

Shari Klotzkin is Simulations Director. She received her BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University, an MS and Degree of Engineer in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from USC.  She was awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship in 1991. Her PhD thesis, titled "Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Convection", and subsequent post-doc at Penn State studying simulations of atmospheric turbulence gave her significant experience with numerical solutions of partial differential equations.

Douglas Patriarche
Douglas Patriarche is Chief Software Engineer. He holds a B.Sc.Eng, in Computer Engineering from Queen’s University. Doug has over 30 years of experience in software engineering and technical management on real-time, critical software systems in telecom systems, personal computing, medical devices, and scientific computing.