AMAG7 LineSpace gratings confirmed accurate, now with anti-charge coatings

AMAG7 LineSpace

Validation to a major national standards organization's standard

AMAG7 LineSpace Hardmask wafer is a full-wafer, fab-friendly accurate conveyance of pitch, traceable to the SI meter as observed at a major national standard organization. AMAG7 can be used as a traceable consensus standard.

AMAG7's 100 nm nominal pitch is 99.931 ± 0.073 nm.

Anti-charge coatings

A new option at AMAG nanomart is a 30 Å ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) Ti-rich TiN overcoat for CD-SEM measurements, which offers specific advantages:

  • Charging Mitigation: The Ti-rich TiN conformal coating (resistivity 700 µΩ-cm) is many orders of magnitude more conductive than the underlying SiO₂ or Si substrate (SiO₂ resistivity 1000 Ω-cm), eliminating the electric fields over the sample due to sample charging.
  • Enhanced Image Resolution and Contrast: Thinner TiN overcoats enable higher-resolution imaging. This is particularly beneficial when measuring critical dimensions, as finer details can be resolved more clearly, leading to more accurate CD measurements.
  • Compatibility with Metrology Standards: Some metrology standards and specifications may recommend or require specific TiN thicknesses for CD-SEM measurements. Using a 30 Å TiN overcoat can help ensure compliance with these standards.
  • Surface Protection: The TiN layer acts as a protective barrier for the underlying oxide lines, reducing the risk of damage and contamination during SEM measurements. This ensures the longevity and accuracy of the measurements.
  • Measurement Reproducibility: The conductive nature of the TiN overcoat contributes to consistent CD measurements across multiple scans. This helps maintain measurement reproducibility and supports process control efforts.

Available now!

With or without TiN add-on, L50P100 LineSpace Hardmask wafers are in stock and ready to ship!

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