Introducing AMAG nanometro!

AMAG nanometro

We are excited to announce AMAG Consulting's new name, AMAG nanometro!  AMAG nanometro has two main lines of business: its nanofoundry for test wafers, and its SimuSEM simulator software. Our new name reflects the successful re-establishment of these critical metrology infrastructure elements, as can be seen on our new website  

Some background on our name

AMAG Consulting, LLC was established in December 2019 by Benjamin Bunday.

For 15 years, Benjamin was the project manager of SEMATECH AMAG (Advanced Metrology Advisory Group) which provided many important and valuable metrology sector resources to the tool vendor and user community.  After SEMATECH ceased operations in most technical areas in 2015, including metrology, many industry voices called for re-establishing a source for some critical metrology infrastructure that SEMATECH AMAG provided.

AMAG Consulting was founded with the goal of leveraging still-valuable assets from SEMATECH's efforts, to continue to enable progress in the metrology sector.  AMAG Consulting originally intended to offer more consulting services, however the timing of establishing the company immediately before COVID travel restrictions greatly reduced that effort.

In December 2022, we thus changed the company name to reflect this shift in focus.

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